Bridgeview, Illinois • Toyota Park • August 10, 2014

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Chicago Fire vs. New York Red Bulls

Toyota Park
Bridgeview, Illinois
August 10, 2014


US Cellular Field • Chicago, Illinois • March 31, 2014

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Chicago White Sox
Opening Day 2014
US Cellular Field


Drew Brees • Topps Football QUBI • 2013

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Drew Brees | New Orleans Saints
Topps Football QUBI 2013


Chicago, Illinois • Wrigley Field • May 30, 2013

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Wrigley Field
Chicago Cubs v. Chicago White Sox


Chicago Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup

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Chicago Blackhawks
2009-2010 Stanley Cup Champions

Chicago Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup

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The Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup-
For the first time since 1961.
I am still absorbing the realization that they have won.
This young class of hockey players have the chance to dynasty.
Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and Antti Niemi are more than
Jeremy Roenick, Tony Amonte, and Ed Belfour.
Without Roenick, Amonte, and Belfour these current
Blackhawks could have never been built. The organization
learned through mistakes and have advanced into the modern
era of franchise management :
1] embrace the former players with respect and honor.
2] recognize the fan base and dignify them with what they deserve.
3] draft very wise and develop young talent.

This is the beginning of something big.
If done correctly this should be a run akin to the Chicago Bulls
run in the 1990’s. Which if you remember was an extraordinary
time to be living in the city of Chicago.


Chicago, Illinois • River Park Turf Field • April 22, 2010

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Stout centerback Maté Milkovic takes the throw-in.

Hrvatski Dragvoljac 2
Drink The Rythem 2
full time

Strategist and attacking midfielder Mark Milkovic
absorbs the movement and play.

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Chicago, Illinois • Lakefront Baseball • April 17, 2010

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San Francisco • Candlestick Park • December 17, 2000

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San Francisco 49ers v. Chicago Bears
This was Jerry Rice’s final game as a Niner, and
Terrell Owens’ record setting 20 catch day.
The Bears lost 17 to Zip.
It was still a beautiful day.


Hometown Heroes Fantasy Baseball League

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Chicago Evilmen


Chicago, Illinois • US Cellular Field • April 5, 2010

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Opening Day Victory!
White Sox 6
Indians 0

Buehrle’s between the legs throw to first base
and Konerko’s bare handed catch robbed
Lou Marson of a certain hit

The play was outstanding and inventive.
With the sunny weather and bright moments,
yesterday was an incredible day.


Chicago White Stockings • Circa 1903

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Happy Opening Day 2010
Chicago White Sox v. Cleveland Indians