Chicago, Illinois • Riviera Theatre • April 22, 2016

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Simeon Grossley and Leon Mobley
Innocent Criminals


DJ Evil Vince • Road Cases • 1996-2008

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Eleven Years on the road with
Ben Harper, sildenafil viagra sales viagra  Jack Johnson, generic viagra viagra sale and Bedouin Soundclash.


Sol Cat • Beat Kitchen • November 23, 2013

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     Nashville’s Sol Cat quietly rolled through Chicago on very cold November 23, viagra sales cialis sales search 2013 night. The Beat Kitchen was almost full, viagra cialis generic physician a Comedy Night scheduled in the front part of the bar; the back half of the bar, is your classic whiskey- soaked, rectangular, black-box room. Housing a practical stage, and an above average PA system – this is the venue that Sol Cat is about rock.

The second supporting act is building their stage, preparing for their set, and Sol Cat are scattered in a 100 foot diameter. To my left, bassist Aaron Martin is working in the merch booth, and creating profoundly artistic doodles. Vocalist Brett Hammann is checking the vibe and energy of the room – and keyboardist Jeremy Clark rolls into the scene;  we all greet each other with big hugs. It’s been about six months since we last saw each other in Austin, Texas, and it’s very happy reunion. I am led downstairs and through the basement of The Beat Kitchen, where I enter the band’s dressing room. Drummer Ryan Usher is catching some sleep on one of the couches, a Professional Tour Move (catching sleep when you can, because everyone has a different schedule on the road). Sitting to his right are lead guitarist Jaan Cohan and rhythm guitarist Johny Fisher, who are chilling out pre-show, talking, waiting patiently for their time on stage. As English accents and mannerisms possess Aaron’s words, the room is filled with laughter, and English Accent Folly.

I ask the guys about their new release, the Cowabunga EP, and their response is enthusiastic – Jeremy Clark leads the way in discussing the band’s current transition.   “This record bridges the gap from the older sounds… the newer tunes are different” he explains. Clark continues to say that there is new material ready for the next album, but this time around they are going to take their time, and be diligently more focused. Lead Singer Brett Hammann agrees. Brett is soft spoken in the interview, but you can tell this man carries a spiritual leadership of the group, and is the principle songwriter alongside Clark.

Sol Cat is a band that is maturing into their own skin very nicely, as they continue to understand the depths of the Business and Creative sides of the music universe. As with many artists, the constant struggle can be the slippery slope of “Playing Ball” and “Doing Your Own Thang.” Sol Cat is handling this confusing juggling act very well.

These circumstances can be best illustrated with Sol Cat’s Vernacular use of “Tourcation” and “Tourture.” This is a group of young men who understand one’s need to embrace all sides of the music business to survive. An example of a “Tourcation” for Sol Cat would be their recent performance at The Bowery in Knoxville, Tennessee. “It was like a Drug Lord’s House, you’ve seen Scarface, right” An amazing venue and an incredible night. Inversely, “Tourture” would be scenarios involving : Brakes giving away on an Exit Ramp or an Accidental Vomiting on Jeremy in the van. Nothing can get this band down though, and quickly things are returned to normal with “Burning The Wood,” an incense burning reset for the van during traumatic smells or circumstances. All the while, their musical soundtrack provided by the one and only Keith Sweat. The band evoked Sweat lyrics and persona a few times during the interview. It was impressive.

This is a very hard working, touring band, who are still very much connected to their roots. On the road for a couple weeks a month, living the other half to work locally, write music, and hang out. All Six Sol Cats are blue collar in their approach, and are ready to hit the road in a moment’s notice. They are preparing for 2014 carefully, and are excited to announce their SXSW 2014 trip.

Sol Cat are on a mission in this World, and I witnessed it this freezing November night. In that basement they shared three parts of their life mantra : 1. Call Your Mom on Wednesday and Sunday, 2. Taste The Days, and 3. Be A Ninja. (the remaining mantra parts are unknown to me).   At any rate, that might be all we need to know. Call Your Mom, yes. Heck Yes. Share your life with the person who brought you into this world. Taste The Days, live every day in the fullest, kindest, sweetest way you are able, embrace your world. Be A Ninja, do things with a passion, stealth, strength, and ineffability. Sol Cat’s music speaks these words, and can be the soundtrack for all the mountains and sunsets in life.

Sol Cat has to get on stage, and we’ve already been talking for close to a half-hour. As everyone stands up and begins to depart – Video Games and Comic Books come up…. While all six are not united in all their interests, they are all united as a band. Writing Music, Gaming on the PS3, or reading Akira Graphic Novels are in the band’s rotation, and all contribute to final musical and metaphysical outcome. The band is out the door, and the set-change is on.

I walk upstairs, run into some old friends, grab a beer, and position myself near the stage. In no time at all, Sol Cat launch into a tight, 60 minute wall of Southern.Psych.Prog.Rock. This is a new musical ride for me, as they play many new compositions in addition the several that have been ingrained from listening to their album. A wonderful evening of music, that leaves the rewarded crowd wanting more.

That was it. No Encore. More music and stories for next visit. Like which member in Sol Cat is nicknamed Lance Armdong? To learn this and more, follow Sol Cat, Taste The Days, Be A Ninja, and Call Your Mother.


Words and Photography by Evil Vince.


East Troy, Wisconsin • Alpine Valley • July 24, 2010

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Soundman Michael Pollock has everything dialed perfectly
for the Jack Johnson set at Alpine Valley.


Calaveras, California • Motel • May 23, 1998

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drummer Dean Butterworth, generic viagra buy viagra  front-of-house soundman Michael Pollock, generic cialis
and master guitar technician Tom Tyler the morning after the
Mountain Aire Festival.

The show, the night before, was one of the greatest Ben Harper concerts
I ever witnessed [I have witnessed over 1,100 Ben Harper Concerts].

The Music, The Place, The People, The Stars, The Air, The Power,
The Unity Of It All.

Don’t Take That Attitude To Your Grave/Concrete Jungle
Whipping Boy
Ground On Down
Burn One Down
Excuse Me Mr.
Breakin’ Down
Homeless Child
Gold To Me >
Fight For Your Mind
Roses >From My Friends
The Will To Live

Encore I:
Waiting On An Angel
I Shall Not Walk Alone

Encore II:
Give A Man A Home
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)


Pacific Northwest • Jack Johnson Tour • 2001

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Joshua Arroyo long board’s the concrete.


Las Vegas, Nevada • The Joint • February 2000

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Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, viagra usa viagra  backstage at The Joint

Dean Butterworth, viagra generic  Ben Harper, David Leach, and
Scott Cadwallader have a rap session.

Danny Clinch and I capture each other taking photographs.


Geneva, Switzerland • Geneva Arena • April 15, 2000

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tour manager and musician
Scott Cadwallader and Joseph Arthur


Los Angeles, California • 2001

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JP Plunier


Nîmes, France • Arènes de Nîmes • Juillet 18, 2001

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innocent criminals
Juan Nelson, viagra buy viagra usa  Ben Harper and Leon Mobley
being the evening’s set with Oppression.

Guitar Technician Tom Tyler makes
certain that everything is correct.


Firenze, Italia • Aprile 2000

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JP Plunier


Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy • Avril 18, 2000

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innocent criminal
Derek VanOrd


New Haven, Connecticut • Yale Quad • April 22, 2001

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innocent criminal
Tom Tyler


Kristiansand, Norge • Quart Festival • July 8, 1999

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innocent criminals
Michael Pollock and Tom Tyler
have a breather backstage before set time.


Somerset, England • Glastonbury • June 26, 1998

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innocent criminal
Christopher “Evil Vince” May

Upon arriving at Glastonbury for the first time, viagra viagra sale for sale
I realized I’d not absorbed the historical significance
of that site’s codependency with excessive rain.
An extraordinary amount of mud would not begin to
describe the amounts of dirt and water there.

Everything was stuck in this mire.

This was normal for Glasto, thumb
So I jumped right in, viagra without my shoes on.

I walked thoroughly around Worthy Farm
– checking out bands and performances –
just to realize later I could’ve caught the Gout,
or any number of other strange things from
walking barefoot in the mud all day.

hhmmm, the more I think about it,
maybe I did? hrrm.


Nyon, Switzerland • Paléo Festival • July 21, 1999

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innocent criminals
Tom Tyler zips off the stage with Ben Harper’s guitar


Chicago, Illinois • Grant Park • August 3, 2007

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innocent criminal road crew
Tim Lamb, cialis sale viagra  Simeon Grossley, sildenafil  Keith Wissmar,
Lee Vaught, Chris Knorr, Manu Goodwin,
Derek VanOrd, Tom Tyler, Brian Clairmont

circa Lollapalooza 2007



Seattle, Washington • Mercer Arena • October 13, 1999

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innocent criminal
Joshua Arroyo

Somewhere In Northern California • May 1998

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals bus driver The Raven, generic viagra viagra sale generic
fills up the Old Eagle Bus up at some truck stop.

East Rutherford, New Jersey • September 8, 1998

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innocent criminals
bassman Juan Nelson and guitar technician Tom Tyler
get sounds during line check at Continental Airlines Arena.

This was the first support date of seven shows with Pearl Jam.