Chicago, Illinois • Loyola University • June 20, 2010

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30 Goals In 30 Days
[#21] Loyola Univeristy

This beautiful little pitch hides amongst the extraordinary campus
of Loyola University. Located at N. Winthrop and W. Loyola Ave.
there is always a kick happening.


World Cup Final Recap • 2010

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Well, viagra usa sildenafil treat what can be said of the Le Gran Final between the Netherlands
and Spain? I am very sad to say it, viagra sale but the final was a dull affair in
which even I, who can watch any match – whether it is in a stadium
or in an empty lot- had difficulty.

We the people want to see quality football.

Was the match even? Yes. Did I feel heaps of anxiety and
tension waiting for the breakthrough? Yes. Was I exhausted after
watching the match? Yes. All of these things are amazing feelings
to experience while watching football, yes. But with that said,
in my opinion, any match is not a rewarding contest to watch if there
are no chances. Scoring chances. Near misses. Glancing headers.
Rattling the crossbars. Long balls. Open play. Wide play. Brilliant Saves.

Instead, we had stalemate football and yellow cards galore.
I was embarrassed with the bookings. De Jong’s “cleats to chest
karate blow” yellow should have been Red, and this match would
have played more wide open, as the Football Gods would’ve liked.
The match had fourteen yellows, including [finally] one second yellow,
and John Heitinga was sent off in the one hundred ninth minute.
Seven minutes later Spain won the game.

I feel that FIFA should change one rule for the World Cup Final.
That one rule would be : The World Cup Trophy is awarded
to the first team that reaches three goals. If the game has not been
decided after ninety minutes, play another ninety minutes.
Okay the second rule, is if you play the second ninety
minutes you get another three substitutes. The teams have
got twenty-three players on the finals roster. This is all very possible.
The lack of goals and forward play in the Final did not represent
the tournament as a whole. It made for very uneventful football.

While oppositely, the atmosphere here at the Bio-Dome was the
pinnacle of the tournament. The terraces were beaked
with fifteen people in trying to find a rhythm and tempo of the match
and song. It was wonderful, but we were all dying for goals. We got one
in the hundred and sixteenth minute.

Andres Iniesta [116′] deserved the goal on an unselfishly aware dish from
Cesc Fabregas. It was good build up by the Spanish, but a awkwardly,
tired clearance by the Dutch defense that gave Spain their moment.
I am very happy for Spain, and moreover that a new Country has won the
amazing trophy. Spain was the best team of the tournament, and the
Netherlands had their chance to knock them down, but they just could
not do it. Spain’s passing……won them the game.

When the match ended after ninety minutes tied, I announced the room
“Since no one has scored, let’s award the Trophy to Ghana!” We erupted.


Joe Cytrynbaum Day • 2010

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Here is a wonderful picture of the bro’ when he lived with
Zeiss in 1994, viagra cialis buy many moons and lifetimes ago on the campus
of Northwestern. Yesterday, best cialis we had a revival for Joe both before,
during and after the World Cup Final. There was a fifteen people
playing instruments, and it created quite the environment within
The Bio-Dome terraces. Joe Cy was amongst it and proud.
Love to everyone and all of the blessings we have.

We’ll never miss Joe any less, but we will improve in dealing
with the emotions of Joe and his inspiration within us.


Uruguay v. Germany • 3rd Place Match Preview

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Tomorrow’s third place match should yield a spicy affair in which
both teams will score goals. Forlan and Muller will both tally.
These sides will be battling for third place, cialis generic discount viagra ed and it will be a wonderful
match, viagra viagra usa certainly more eventful than the final. The final will likely
be a cagey affair will little breakthroughs until late. Germany versus
Uruguay will be an all-out match with neither team holding back.
I am very excited to watch this game tomorrow.
I cannot pick a winner. I like each team’s style of play very much.
Uruguayan, Diego Forlan should be the winner of the Golden Ball.


Netherlands v. Brazil • Preview

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This will be an incredible match tomorrow morning.
The last time these teams played was in USA ’94, cialis sales buy cialis view and
If I remember correctly, cialis discount cialis check it went to penalty kicks after
the Dutch made an incredible comeback from being down
two to zero. Holland lost in Penalties

I believe tomorrow the Brazilians will lose this match,
not because they are a poor team, but they will be facing
the most underrated, highly talented Netherlands team,
who have yet to unveil and unleash their full attack.
I do not think we will see anything different from Brazil,
but I do feel we will from the Dutch. The one X Factor
in this match will be the goalkeepers as always, but
especially Julio Cesar from Brazil. I think he has played
the best football in the past five hundred days. If he
stands on his head tomorrow, and Oranje hang their heads
in response, I will be standing corrected. Yet if the Dutch
attack in the method I think they will, the Brazilians will be
standing around blaming one an another, with Gaffer Dunga
screaming at them from the technical area. In his playing days,
Dunga was well renown for his berating and belittling of
teammates on the pitch. He continues this style today.
Maybe Dunga’s degrading treatment of his team and teammates
is the only way to corral and inspire the Brazilian SuperStar Eleven?
That seems a bit crazy to me, but how does one make a winning
equation from eleven sizzling egos? That is the question.
Nevertheless, I believe all the top coaches are teachers in every
aspect of their formula.

Netherlands Two • Brazil One

Argentina v. Mexico • Sunday, June 27, 2010

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For El Tri to win this match, tadalafil generic cialis pilule they would need a goal in the first
fifteen or twenty minutes of this game. They had two solid
chances that could have made this match otherwise. In the
eighth minute, pharm Carlos Salcido rocketed a shot from thirty-eight
yards that shook the crossbar so much, the bar is still shaking.
Then just a couple minutes later Andres Guardado hit the upright
that sent that Jabulani out of bounds. Both chances could have
been easy scores, and if Argentina had shot them, it would have
warranted the terms unlucky for the duration of the match.
Since they were Mexico’s chances they were lucky to have them.
A weird match it was, and it seemed that Diego Maradona’s team
is destined for another match. Carlos Tevez [26′, 52′] and
Gonzalo Higuain [33′] scored for the Argentinians, beautiful goals
they were. I think it was Tevez’s second goal, that could be
deemed one of the tournament’s outstanding.
Javier Hernandez [71′] scored with twenty minutes to go, just
enough time to give hope for another two goals. It was not
meant to be on this day for Mexico. Argentina played very
well, but the ball will bounce El Tri’s one day, and Argentina
will see what El Tri can truly do. For this year, we are all going
to see what Argentina can do. They have Germany next.
A match for the ages.

Argentina 3 : 1 Mexico

man of the match
Carlos Tevez