Germany v. England • Sunday, June 27, 2010

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What can be said about this match? Germany versus England.
England versus Germany. Do you remember the 1966 World Cup Final –
in London? Geoff Hurst’s goal? Well, viagra tadalafil illness the Football Gods remember
July 30, click 1966 very well. Like it or not, the West Germans were robbed
that day, as Hurst was awarded a goal that never completely crossed
the line. What makes this history relevant is that the goal in question
from 1966, hit the crossbar which sent the ball straight down onto the
goal line, then spun back into the playing field. This was a “no goal”
that was awarded. Well, today, Frank Lampard struck the bar with
similar precision, yet the ball clearly bounces over the line by several
feet, and spins back into play. This shot should have been awarded
a goal, but it was not.
1966 : Hurst’s “no-goal” awarded as a score.
2010 : Lampard’s “goal” not awarded as a score.
The fact that this happened is still effecting me in strange ways.
Can something like this be a coincidence? England, Germany,
Crossbars, and Controversial Calls.
There was so much to this game, but in the end, the English were
outmatched. The Germans looked very good, and were not to be
defeated on this day. Yes, the Lampard goal would have equalized
the match shortly before half. And yes, sometimes outmatched teams
can win games despite this weakness. I don’t think this was to be one
of those days for England. Even of that goal is scored, I believe that
the Germans would have slowly but surely overcome any England
retaliation or attack. The Germans scored early Miroslav Klose [20′]
and Lukas Podolski [32′] gave Die Mannschaft a two goal lead, but
five minutes later Matt Upson [37′] scored on a nifty header to cut
the lead in half. It was only a few minutes later that Frank Lampard
hit the bar and was denied the equalizer. What a strike it was.
If one watches this game closely [the game of football], some of the
greatest team build-ups, and individual shots, occur on misses.
One of the second half’s first real events was when Frank Lampard
shook the bar yet again, from a thirty yard free kick. It wasn’t to be
the Chelsea man’s day who deserved better than he received.
The Germans put an end to the English hopes and dreams when
Thomas Mueller [67′, 70′] scored two beautiful goals, that were
almost identical in nature. With all the men England had forward
in order to score goals, the counter-attacking Germans moved the
ball swiftly and efficiently with Mueller finishing quality team goals.
England played well, and never gave up, but I do not think they were
the better team on this day. England were unlucky today, and the
Germans looked confident.
Like many of the “top stars” in the World Cup, Wayne Rooney is
overmarked and overrated. This is not to the fault of the “stars”
though, as they are in the spotlight, and more importantly, the
parity between the quality of players is the slimmest it has ever
been in the history of the Earth and the Beautiful Game.
Ten years ago, no one would ever believe that Slovakia would
defeat Italy – three to two, or that Switzerland could win over
Spain – one to zero.

Germany 4 : 1 England

man of the match
Thomas Mueller

USA v. Ghana • Saturday, June 26, 2010

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It took one hundred twenty minutes to complete this match, best viagra viagra generic ed and the
Americans conceded goals in the beginning of the game, generic viagra cialis canada and the
beginning of extra-time. Five minutes into the game Kevin Prince
Boateng [5′] buried a chance after the ball was poorly given away in
midfield by Ricardo Clark. Boateng sprinted into the penalty area
and left footed a shot right past goalkeeper Tim Howard. Everyone
supporting the United States was in disbelief by going down to an
early goal again. The Americans could not get much on the counter-
attack, and in fact, looked weak in midfield and could not control
much of the quality possession. US Coach Bob Bradley made a change
in the thirtieth minute, pulling Ricardo Clark for the more physical
Maurice Edu, who should have been in the starting eleven at the
opening whistle. Clark had been very loose in midfield, and looked
tentative for his half hour, Edu was a welcome change. Halftime
arrived with the score still in favor of the Black Stars, with the Stars
and Stripes scratching their heads in bewilderment. The second act
started with another switch for the Americans featuring Benny Feilhaber
in lieu of Robbie Findley, who was uninspired with his first touch on
the front lines. The first touch of the ball is where one can visualize
the true skill and quality of a player. The change for the US almost
netted a goal in the first minutes of the second half, by goalkeeper
Richard Kingson made one of his best saves of the evening on Feilhaber.
The Americans continued to carry the tempo of the match, but could
not be inspired to beat the Ghanian defense. Finally, around the hour
mark, Clint Dempsey’s hard work finally paid off, when he earned a
penalty, after being fouled in the area by defender Jonathan Mensah.
Landon Donovan [62′ PEN] cooly placed the penalty kick off the low
post, and the Americans were equal. The surge by the US was visual
and they continued to have the majority of the scoring chances, but
Kingson continued to shine in goal for the Black Stars. The Americans
seemed a little deflated as regulation ended, and carried that lack of
enthusiasm into extra-time. Once again, the Americans conceded an
early goal at the start, as a wonderful long ball from Andre Ayew to
Asamoah Gyan [93′] ended the hopes of the US. It was an amazing
pass, that found Gyan between two American defenders. Gyan touched
the ball off his chest, he took a couple strides and buried a left footer
behind Tim Howard. It was a quality goal indeed, but lackadaisical
defending contributed to the play as well. The USA became visually
deflated, and their hopes of a late winner were gone, they now needed
a late equalizer. The match ended with me feeling sad that the
Americans were out, but overjoyed with the thought of Ghana in the
quarter-finals. The Black Stars are the last team from Africa in the
World Cup, and I hope they defeat the very formidable Uruguayan side.
The Americans played to their ability, but probably could have played a
little better. They have nothing to hang their heads about, the USA
played a good World Cup. With that said, Ghana has played better.

USA 1 : 2 Ghana

man of the match
Andre Ayew


Panini Stickers • World Cup 2010 South Africa

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Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
Port Elizabeth, viagra generic cialis canada and South Africa

Uruguay v. South Korea • Saturday, June 26, 2010

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In the first group of quarterfinals, tadalafil viagra usa online Uruguay and South Korea dueled
in the rain in Port Elizabeth Stadium at Nelson Mandela Bay. The pitch
was in very poor shape, and it was apparent almost immediately once
the teams began to try and pass the ball around the floor. The ball
did not roll straight or flat, and the quality of play suffered slightly.
The Taeguk Warriors had the first chance of the match from a free
kick twenty yards out. Park Chu-Young sent in a perfect kick that
left goalkeeper Fernando Muslera flat footed and ball watching.
Unfortunately for the South Koreans, it struck the post and out of
danger. A few minutes later La Celeste opened the scoring with
the first of two goals by Luis Saurez [8′, 80′]. Diego Forlan sent a
well placed, rolling cross through the area, that left all the South
Korean defenders waiting for someone other than themselves to
clear the ball away. It went perfectly to Saurez, who one-timed a
pass into the net from a sharp angle. A bright goal indeed.
Into the second half, the Koreans did not disappoint as they continued
to attack and push forward. Some very pretty touches on the ball for
Korea indeed. They almost equalized on a few occasions, but finally
did when Lee Chung Yong [68′] headed in a loose ball from a free kick
that found its way directly to him on the attempted clearance from
Diego Lugano. Each team could have netted another goal in the final
twenty minutes, but neither side could do so. Uruguay goes through
to the final eight, and South Korea returns home after a good tournament.
Uruguay has looked strong through the first matches, but finally
conceded their first goal of the tournament today. The Uruguayans did
not look as formidable as I had anticipated, but still won the match.
The winner of USA and Ghana will play Uruguay, a winnable match
for the USA. Ninety minutes to kickoff. Breathing Deeply.

Uruguay 2 : 1 South Korea

man of the match
Luis Saurez

Panini Stickers • World Cup 2010 South Africa

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World Cup Preview • USA v. Ghana

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On the eve of this very important match, best cialis discount viagra sildenafil I am filled with anxiety.
The anticipation of this match has been pulling at my stomach for
a few days. I am both nervous and exciting. This is a match in
which the USA can win. To my dismay, buy viagra viagra sale it is against Ghana, a team
that I would normally be supporting whole heartedly. Furthermore,
the Black Stars are the only remaining African team in the World Cup.
Gyan and Asamoah are incredible players, and will give the Americans
some difficulty on the back line. I believe that Ghana will not be able
to defend the American attack fully which will result in American goals.
It will be very difficult for the Stars and Stripes to keep a clean sheet
against the Ghana. What a match this will be. The winner faces the
winner of Uruguay and South Korea which are reasonable opponents.
I am nervous for the Americans and our Football Dreams.
We will beat Ghana tomorrow three to one.

World Cup Recaps

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Greetings, viagra buy viagra sales healing I had to take a break writing recaps, sildenafil viagra as I had no time to
live my life. Watching four games a day, levitra and trying to write them
up became a little too much. I will begin writing them up again.
and will go back at a later date, and complete the series.

Brazil v. Portugal + Ivory Coast v. North Korea play this morning.


Panini Sticker • Jabulani • World Cup Ball

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USA v. Algeria • Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Landon Donovan [90’+1]

USA 1 : 0 Algeria

man of the match
Landon Donovan


Panini Stickers • World Cup 2010 South Africa

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Greece v. Argentina • Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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This was a match that Argentina was supposed to win, cialis sale best viagra stuff and they did.
It took them almost eighty minutes to break through.
Martin Demichelis [77′] and Martin Palermo [89′] scored for the
South Americans, generic viagra though they did not look authoritative.
I look for Mexico to give the Argentines trouble.

Greece 0 : 2 Argentina

man of the match
Lionel Messi

Nigeria v. South Korea • Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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This is a match in which I would have liked to have Nigeria win and
progress to the next stage. I like the South Korean team, best cialis sildenafil cialis and their
style of play, discount viagra discount cialis they are very good, and deserve to progress to the next
round. But like most of the people interested in this World Cup; we
would like to see the African teams play well enough to qualify for the
knock-out stage. The Super Eagles have some of the most talented
players in West Africa, and should have competed with more quality
in this tournament. I previously had a great love for the Super Eagles,
but their underachieving performances in past major tournaments has
kinda left me expecting their lack of invention and forward movement.
I am sorry to say that, because I have such a deep affinity for the African
sides, including Enyeama and the Super Eagles. Let’s not get into my
respect and admiration for Nigerians Fela Kuti and Tony Allen.
At any rate, the Super Eagles had the dream start with an early goal
from Kalu Uche [12′]. Uche snuck around the final defender to finish
the brilliant work of Chidi Odiah who snapped in a low hovering cross.
The Super Eagles left several chances begging to be finished, but
could not get two goals ahead. The pace favored the Africans, and
the South Koreans looked loose for the first time in the tournament.
During a counter-attack late in the half, the South Koreans earned
a free-kick, and from their first shot on goal Lee Jung Soo [38′] buried
the set piece at the far post, on a textbook training ground goal.
The Nigerians could have defended slightly better, the equalizer
was agonizing. The Nigerians would need more goals. Forward they
went, faster and quicker passing. Where was this style in the first
two group matches? Crazy. The second act began with a surprise
a bang, when Park Chu Young [49′] sent a free kick into the far
upright, that left everyone in disbelief. It was a perfect free kick,
and in a match where the Super Eagles scored early and dominated
most of the tempo, they still found themselves down, two to one.
After several chances and good build up by the Nigerians Yakubu
Ayegbeni missed a chance from atop the six yard box that he
completely tanked. It was a sure goal for Nigeria, as goalkeeper
Jung Sung Ryong was completely down and out. Yakubu one-timed
the Jabulani, and it missed by more than the width of the post. It
was a horrible miss, and certainly the biggest gaff of the tournament
so far. Almost as if the Football Gods decided to rectify the mistake,
Chinedu Ogbuke Obasi was fouled in the area, effectively giving
Yakubu Ayegbeni [69′ PEN] another chance. Yakubu took the penalty
with skill and equalized the eventful affair. The match opened up
in the final twenty minutes with each side trying to snatch the victory.
Obafemi Martins missed a finishable chance nearing the final whistle,
and the duel ended with South Korea the side moving forward to the
next round in which they will face the strong Uruguay.

Nigeria 2 : 2 South Korea

man of the match
Park Ji Sung

France v. South Africa • Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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With so much on the line with this match, cialis usa cialis canada ask it was vital to me that
South Africa win by three goals, cialis buy for I wanted the host nation through.
The France team is in much turmoil, and very sad to witness in such
public display, World Cup Style. Fact of the matter, the French team
have been in disarray since long before this tournament began, and
its obvious by now the Republic of Ireland should be in South Africa.
I am bummed to say that, because I am a very big fan of France as
a country and their football players and team. Zindine Zidane is
one of the greatest footballers and field wizards ever; his reputation
solidifies the French National Team and legitimizes the international
style of play that they formerly demonstrated. Hopefully new gaffer
Laurent Blanc can steer the ship in the proper direction.
On with the match, which began with an early pace by South Africa,
who should have scored five goals on this day. While France showed
good signs of life in the early and middle of the second half, it was
South Africa’s winning match day, but losing out on the knock-out.
The opening goal was a delightful finish by Bongani Khumalo [20′],
that could have easily been ruled a foul as he batmaned over the
top of Abou Diaby’s back. Khumalo toppled over Diaby just after
he finished the brilliant corner kick. Five minutes later, French
midfielder Yoann Gourcuff elbowed MacBeth Sibaya as the two went
high for a fifty fifty ball. The elbow was unintentional, but careless,
and Gourcuff was shown red. South Africa surged even further when,
seven minutes later, Katlego Mphela [37′] coaxed a hard cross
from Tsepo Masilela into the French net after a poor giveaway in
their own end. Bafana Bafana had so many chances to get a third
and fourth goal, but they could not break through. The French
finally broke through in the seventieth minute when substitute
Florent Malouda [70′] was the beneficiary of the work of midfielder
Franck Ribery, who grinded down the pitch and squared the ball
to Malouda inside the area. It was the first goal of the tournament
for France, who will return home to many questions. The South
Africans miss the knock-out stage, and become the first host
nation to do so. Bafana Bafana showed skill and class today.

France 1 : 2 South Africa

man of the match
Katlego Mphela

Mexico v. Uruguay • Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Luis Suarez’s [43′] header on the brink of half time was all that Uruguay
needed to advance to the knock-out stage of South Africa 2010.
The goal came as a payoff for another solid Uruguayan push forward, cialis generic cialis buy cialis
and the service was eloquently placed by Edinson Cavani who was blazing
down the right flank. It was a picture perfect lob and an equally lovely
finish. As the Jabulani approached him from a perfect arc, sovaldi Suarez calmly
headed the ball inside the near post, goalkeeper Oscar Perez had no
chance on the amazing placement. It was a beautiful goal, one of the
most graceful of the tournament. The game could have been another
scenario if Andres Guardado’s drive from thirty-one yards went in,
instead of slamming the bottom of the crossbar. It was a shot that
resonated the crossbar so soundly….it is still shaking. The ball
immediately went downwards and hit the goal line and spun into play.
It was not a goal for El Tri, but it certainly deserved to be Mexico’s lead.
Giovani Dos Santos gave the Uruguayans trouble all afternoon, and the
final result could have easily been a different story. Nevertheless,
Uruguay has looked amazing though the group stage, and have not
conceded a goal yet. The loss still advanced Mexico to the next round,
due to goal differential with South Africa. It looks as if Uruguay will
confront South Korea, and Mexico will dual with Argentina in the
round of sixteen.

Mexico 0 : 1 Uruguay

man of the match
Luis Suarez

Chicago, IL • Panini Stickers • June 22, 2010

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Panini Stickers • World Cup 2010 South Africa

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Ellis Park Stadium
Johannesburg, viagra usa viagra buy prescription South Africa

Spain v. Honduras • Monday, June 21, 2001

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This was a match that Honduras, viagra sales cialis sales viagra truthfully, discount cialis sales was never in. They had
their chances on the counter-attack, cialis and certainly had their balls to
finish into goals, yet that did not happen, and Spain cruised to a easy
victory over Los Catrachos. The Spanish showed up all why they are
the best passing team in the world by tapping the ball perfectly paced
throughout the field. David Villa [17′, 51′] scored what was certainly
the best “individual” goal of the competition so far. Running within
the penalty area, Villa zipped, zapped and lazered a shot into
the far post, as he was falling onto his back. The shot split two or three
Honduran defenders, and arced perfectly over the outstretched arm
of goalkeeper Noel Valladares, who did the best he could with such
a quality Jabulani. A very high quality right foot from David Villa it was.
Six minutes into the second half the match was put to charcoal,
when Villa launched a shot from outside the area, that nicked
defender Osman Chavez in the knee. It changed the trajectory
perfectly for Spain, and sent the ball over Valladares’ hand and
under the Honduran crossbar. Two Nil Spain. Villa had a chance
to make it three for La Furia Roja, when Honduran Emilio Izaguirre
fouled Jesus Navas in the penalty area. The striker rolled the free
kick outside his right post, while the Honduran keeper went the
opposite direction. Spain had many chances on the counter-attack,
as Honduras continued to attack for a goal, but they could not find
a third goal against the Central Americans.
Honduras played strong football, but could not find any quality
touches in the final third of the pitch. Spain played well enough
to win, but I am certain their supporters wanted a bigger result.

Spain 2 : 0 Honduras

man of the match
David Villa

Chile v. Switzerland • Monday, June 21, 2010

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The first twenty-five minutes of this match were very uneventful, cialis sales cialis sale prescription
with the exception of four yellow cards for borderline bookings.
Then, viagra generic capsule in the thirty-first minute, Behrami received a straight red
card on a foul against . It was a yellow card for sure, but red?
I do not think so. The Swiss were very unlucky, and found
themselves down to ten men with an hour to play in the match.
Chile certainly controlled the pace once Valon Behrami was sent
off, but could not find the back of the net until the seventy-fifth
minute. Switzerland did not look horrible, they just looked a
man down. Mark Gonzalez [75′] finally finished a Chilean build
up that had been working all day. Switzerland was unlucky to be
playing with ten men, as I thought referee Khalil Al Ghamdi was
over officious, and by the end issued nine yellow cards and one
straight red. The red could have been yellow, and the about four
of the other yellow cards were simply fouls. Chile looks very good,
and have to face Spain in the final group match on Friday.
I think that both Chile and Switzerland will go through, and Spain
could be left out. I like the way Chile play. The Swiss play an
incredible game of defending, then counter-attack. The Swiss
surpassed the Italians record of scoreless minutes in the World Cup.
The record was beaten by ten or fifteen minutes, as the Italian
record was five hundred fifty-five minutes. The Swiss were
eliminated in Germany four years ago without conceding a goal.
They lost in the knock-out stage in penalty kicks [0-3] to Ukraine.
I think they became the first team ever to be eliminated from the
World Cup without conceding a regulation goal.

Chile 1 : 0 Switzerland

man of the match
Mark Gonzalez

Portugal v. North Korea • Monday, June 21, 2010

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Well, sildenafil viagra buy there Korea DPR finally came down to Earth today, troche unfortunately, patient
it was at the hands of a goal hungry Selecção das Quinas. While
the contest was only one to zero at half time, the match and tempo
was controlled by Portugal. North Korea had some moments of beauty,
but nothing that would manufacture a goal. The Portuguese scored
seven goals on this day. A cremation to say the least, and an
unfortunate result for the North Koreans who played so well in
the first match against Brazil, but could not keep their shape today
against the strong European side. I don’t think this is a signal
of Portugal’s impending trophy ceremony, but rather an anomaly.
If Portugal and Brazil draw, it would keep the Ivory Coast from
making the knockout stage. Today’s goals were scored by :
Raul Meireles [29′], Simao [53′], Hugo Almeida [56′]
Tiago [60′, 89′], Liedson [81′], and Cristiano Ronaldo [87′].

Portugal 7 : 0 North Korea

man of the match
Cristiano Ronaldo

Brazil v. Côte d’Ivoire • Sunday, June 20, 2010

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What can I say about this match? Where do I even begin? Firstly, viagra sales viagra buy viagra
Brazil is not a very sportsmanlike side, illness in fact they are cheaters.
I will get to that later, but Brazil is the most disappointing side
so far in this tournament. They are disappointing due to the
manner in which they have decided to play. Brazil seems to be
satisfied with playing an ugly style, that benefits from injury
simulation and constant complaining to the referee. Never in my
life have I seen some much dissent to a referee without a booking
for “said” complaining. When a team is considered one of the best
in the world, no matter what sport, one would expect that team to
demonstrate sportsmanship and class. Brazil did not show that
today, they showed the globe why is time for the world to find
another beautiful team. Luis Fabio should be embarrassed for
his play today. Firstly, he scored Brazil’s second goal by dribbling
the ball with his right arm as he flipped it over two defenders.
Late in the match, Fabiano struck again by faking an injury and
rolling around on the pitch as if he had stepped on a land mine.
The replay clearly shows there was no contact to Fabiano.
It was absurb, and the most unsportsmanlike display I have
witnessed in a very long time. Faking a serious foul with five
minutes remaining and a two goal lead is very disappointing.
I cannot wait for the Brazilians to lose. They will lose as long as
Dunga continues to party with his team like he is one of the boys.
Dunga’s antics, while screaming from the technical area was
a joke. Coaching is a position in which Dunga should be calming his
players down and taking a leadership role. He should not be trying to
instigate dissent as he most obviosuly did. Brazil and Dunga are
embarrassing. Kaka was sent off near the end of the match, when
everything was turning to custard. While he did not deserve to be
dismissed, someone on the Brazilian side certainly did, for their
match long dissent and cheating. The match ended in a very ugly
fashion, as both teams were scuffling and pushing, trying to sort
out all of the fouls and confusion. Disappointing on all levels.

Brazil 3 : 1 Côte d’Ivoire

man of the match
Luis Fabiano