Montréal, Quebec • 1998

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innocent criminal
Michael Pollock over a meal in Montréal
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Houston, Texas • Fitzgerald’s • 1998

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innocent criminal
Derek VanOrd dials the monitor levels
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Bonn, Germany • Rockpalast • April 12, 1998

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innocent criminals
Scott Cadwallader escorts David Leach and Ben Harper
from the staging area, best viagra cialis buy  as Tom Tyler clears the stage
for the next act at the Biskuithalle.

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Bellingham, Washington • Hotel Parking Lot • 1998

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innocent criminals
Tom Tyler, cialis sales viagra usa ask Derek VanOrd, viagra usa viagra usa find and Michael Pollock
awaiting travel in the hotel parking lot

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São Paulo, Brasil • Congonhas • 1998

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innocent criminals
Derek VanOrd, viagra sales cialis sales medical Michael Pollock, viagra usa unhealthy and Tom Tyler
awaiting travel at the airport

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New Orleans, Louisiana • State Theatre • 1999

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Joshua Arroyo in the production office.

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Calaveras, California • Mountain Aire • 1998

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Ben Adair enjoying the Mountain Aire.

Chicago, Illinois • Claremont • 1998

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Casey Freund and James Zoccoli at The Claremont Building.

Chicago, Illinois • Claremont • 1998

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Casey Freund at the Claremont Building.