Chicago, Illinois • Telephone Jumper Box • January 29, 2006

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Subbuteo • United States v. Ghana • Santiago Type 1

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The United States with an excellent chance against Ghana.
The Subbuteo match finished as a nil – nil draw.

The real match will be played on June 22, 2006 in Nuremberg.
The third and final match for the United States in Group E play.
The Czech Republic and Italy complete the Group,
and will be playing each other at the same time.
The top two teams from each group,
move on to the round of 16.

Teams Beautifully Handpainted by Chris Stapleton,
Santiago figures and bases from his company : That’s Magnificent.


United States Soccer • International Friendlies

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Picture from friendly between USA and POLSKA
at Soldier Field, Chicago July 11, 2004.

In about an hour the United States Men’s Soccer Team
will take on Norway in friendly in California.

After last week’s un-media covered event (no tv or radio)
between USA and Canada (which drew 0 – 0),
it seems unlikely for the US to be a real
power in this upcoming World Cup beginning in June.
Canada is a team that Bruce Arena’s Team should’ve handled.
The US should at least win against Norway tonight,
as Mexico did mid-week, 2 – 1.
We will see more shortly…..

5 – 0 win over Norway surprises even me.
With the United States ranked 7th in the world,
they showed why. Well Done!

Below are the remaining friendlies
the United States has before the start of
World Cup 2006.

January 29, 2006
The Home Depot Center (Carson, California)
United States vs. Norway
5 – 0
full time

February 10, 2006
SBC Park (San Francisco, California)
United States vs. Japan
3 – 2
full time

February 19, 2006
Pizza Hut Park (Frisco, Texas)
United States vs. Guatemala
4 – 0
full time

March 1, 2006
Fritz-Walter-Stadion (Kaiserslautern, Germany)
United States vs. Poland
1 – 0
full time
played in heavy snowstorm

March 22, 2006
Westfalenstadion (Dortmund, Germany)
United States vs. Germany
1 – 4
full time

April 11, 2006
SAS Soccer Park (Cary, North Carolina)
United States vs. Jamaica
1 – 1
full time


Chicago, Illinois • Lumber & Stone • January 17, 2006

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everywhere Building and Rehabbing everywhere

Chicago, Illinois • Kedzie Avenue • January 27, 2006

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Subbuteo • Croatia • Zuego

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Croatia pose for the team photo before losing to Cameroon.
The African side scored after the 90th minute, in stoppage time.

Croatia 0
Cameroon 1


Chicago Bears • NFC Champions Pin • 1985

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Give or take a few minutes:
At this very moment, twenty years ago-
the Chicago Bears were placing the finishing touches
on demolishing the New England Patriots; 46 – 10.
January 26, 1986.

Twenty years later, I still remember it pretty well;
Jumping for joy with my father, with the disbelief that
this had actually all happened;
Plus, who could forget the Shuffle?

Yet, I feel like I’m living in the past, forever supporting
the Bears to go all the way to the Super Bowl again.
But to my dismay, nothing.

I’m tired of accepting mediocrity.
Instead of being competitive 2 out of 10 years-
Why not 8 out of 10 years?

Where’s a real QB?
Oh, he’s being ostracized for going 10-5 as a rookie.
What are people thinking?

Where was the defense when the offense actually scored 21 points?

We finally got a 1,300 yard rusher (the first since Walter Payton),
and I bet management gets rid of him in lieu of Cedric Benson.
Thomas Jones honors the Bears jersey, Benson does not.

I am still disgustipated with all our coaches inability to make
adjustments during the game versus the Carolina Panthers.

Please, for the city’s sake Chicago Bears….
….don’t turn into the Chicago Cubs.


Chicago, Illinois • January 25, 2006

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Subbuteo • Cameroon • Zuego

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Cameroon sees red against Germany

• In real football news •
The 25th African Cup of Nations has
begun in the host nation of Egypt.


Chicago, Illinois • Fiber Glass Installation • January 24, 2006

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Chicago, Illinois • Used Cars Sale • January 23, 2006

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Chicago, Illinois • Warren Park • January 21, 2006

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