Chicago • Back Porch Sunset • April 30, 2005

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Chicago • Corn Cobs • April 29, 2005

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Marina City (1959-1964) built by Bertrand Goldberg Associates, is
40 storeys of wedge shaped apartments above 20 levels of parking.
I think of “The Hunter” starring Steve McQueen or more recently Wilco.


Amsterdam, Nederland • Affiches • Juli 2001

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On the other side of Instruments of Torture and Hollywood Parties –
There is simply – a State of Bliss. Am I the only one who’s freaked by this?


Chicago • Tribune Tower • April 27, 2005

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Chicago’s Tribune Tower (1923 -1925) by John Mead Howells,
Raymond M. Hood, Associated Architects,
was modelled on the Tour de Beurre (Butter Tower) of
Notre Dame Cathedral in Rouen, France.
It was named the ‘Butter Tower,” because if you wanted to eat
butter during Lent; You paid the Cathedral,
and the money went towards the construction of the Tower.


Chicago • No Swimming • February 26, 2005

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Amsterdam, Nederland • Uitgang • Juli 2001

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Centraal Station stairway in Amsterdam; Uitgang is Dutch for exit,
which is one of six languages on the signage:
Exit, Ausgang, Sortie, Uscita and Salida.


Chicago • Windy City Fieldhouse • April 23, 2005

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In honor of Mister Mike Dailey’s marriage,
Saturday began with the the fellas running around
and shooting some hoops up at the Windy City Fieldhouse,
being late, I only caught the 4th quarter,
(the only quarter worth watching) {jk} –
but took some pics nonetheless.

In the afternoon a BBQ with fully square burgers and
some authentic red hots made grubbing perfect.
I didn’t have the courage for the “Hired Trolly with 20 guys Pub Crawl”
but I think everyone made it back alive.

Love and Blessings to Dailey and all the Trolly Posse.


Chicago Bears • NFL Draft Day • April 23, 2005

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With the number four pick in the NFL Draft
the Chicago Bears select Cedric Benson.


Chicago • Board of Trade • April 21, 2005

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Chicago Board of Trade, late at night, from below, feeling mellow.

Happy Earth Day today – April 22, 2005
(Internationally observed on the 20th)


Wellington, Aotearoa • to Dunedin • March 30, 2003

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Wellington to Dunedin
New Zealand‘s airports are more impressive than most commissioned parks.


Chicago • Amoco Building • October 4, 2004

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The Amoco Building, or Standard Oil Building, was completed in 1974,
this 80 storey (1,136 feet) structure is actually the second tallest
building in the city of Chicago; 20 storeys less than the
John Hancock Center, yet 9 feet taller.
As of 2000, it was renamed the Aon Center.


Rio de Janeiro • Vista de Corcovado • Outubro 14, 1998

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As the clouds opened, just for a moment,
grace gave way for complete surrender.