Chicago • Double Door • March 31, 2005

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Earlier tonight at the Double Door, viagra buy cialis sale cialis Joseph Arthur performed both
music and art, viagra usa best viagra sildenafil magnificiently and simultaneously to an amazed crowd.
As Joseph took the stage, salve the canvas was blank, and the audience was
captivated by the quick, fluid, drawing of a face, that he continued to
paint until the finale of the show.
A strong set with songs both new and old,
he performed with a keyboardist/vocalist for half of the show.
Above is the final piece (under heavy red light).


Chicago • USA vs POLSKA • Soldier Field . July 11, 2004

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As Landon Donovan and DeMarcus Beasley set a wall against Poland, viagra buy cialis sales try
everyone’s mind is currently on tonight’s opponent Guatemala.
The match is an must win for the US after losing
to Mexico (in Mexico City) on Sunday, generic cialis prostate 2-1.
Hopefully, returning to US soil will spark our side down in
Birmingham, Alabama.
Kickoff is at 7pm central on ESPN2 and
Telemundo at 11pm central (tape delay).

update: United States get the result 2-0

Nevertheless :
The best goal of the night came from a Panamanian in a match
versus Mexico. Luis Tejeda had three touches and a bicycle from
the top of the box, that exploded past the keeper:
Chest, Knee, Toe – Bicycle – Gooooooooolllllll!!!!!!!!!!!
The goal equalized in the 74th minute and the match ended 1 – 1.
A great result for US Football, thusly keeping Mexico
only one point ahead (instead of three) in
the 2006 World Cup Qualifier Standings.


OutsideLookingInsideLookingOutside • March 24, 2005

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Section Portion • Hip Hop and Down Tempo

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Tonight, cialis buy buy viagra sickness at the Morseland, viagra sales buy viagra I am spinning Rock, Reggae, Soul, Ska
for last time ever. Thanks to all the peeps who have come out to hear
me spin : Jaz and Buban, you rock.
Picture above was taken at my old house on Kedzie and Fullerton,
in which I lived 1 year.
The frame middle/right is from Jean Giraud‘s Blueberry series.


Easter 2005 • Stephanie May 1940 – 2004

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As we celebrate Easter in 2005, viagra canada tadalafil cialis I give thanks for all my blessings;
my son, buy cialis my family, my friends, my life.
The utmost respect to my mum, who was always there for us.
Momma May – we love you, and we carry your character forward.


Chicago • Fire Escape • February 6, 2004

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Rio de Janeiro, Brasil • Corcovado • Outubro 14, 1998

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Atop the massive, best viagra cialis sales sildenafil foggy, drugstore hill sat the Corcovado.
I was blessed to be a witness.


Chicago • Green Severum • May 10, 1999

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Chicago • For The Birds • March 23, 2005

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Near the corner of Broadway and Wilson there’s always heaps of Pigeons.
Today I stopped and took pictures of them and thought of two people
Darby; who doesn’t really like these animals and my Mom, best viagra generic viagra unhealthy Stephanie;
who would sometimes say “That’s for the Birds.” We should all bring
that back in style – Instead of saying “That was whack.”
How about “That’s for the Birds.” Anyone?


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia • Fitzroy • September 2004

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London, England • Apollo Hammersmith • June 23, 2004

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Innocent Criminal – Jason Yates soundchecks and claymates in Europe.
Keyboardist and artist, viagra sales viagra  Jason Yates created these amazing
little clay figures during our last tour of Europe in 2004.
He created the city wall backdrop as well.

The top picture is from the show in Birmingham and the orange clay figure
was taken during the day in Napoli. The remaing two are from London.
Innocent Criminal & Black CroweMarc Ford is in the background.


Phoenix, Arizona • Saguaro • December 2004

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Chicago • Wrigley Field Scoreboard • June 2002

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Lisboa, Portugal • Coliseu dos Recreios • Julho 4, 1999

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Knoxville, Tennessee • In My Tree • November 16, 1999

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Shinjuku, Nihon • Liquid Room • Rokugatsu 17, 2001

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Innocent Criminal – Oliver Charles during soundcheck in Tokyo, viagra generic viagra sales  Japan.


Chicago • Aragon Ballroom • March 9, 2005

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Chicago • Metra • March 13, 2005

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Funny Club Show • Epilogue

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Below is the Funny Club Show in complete : Canvas 1 – 176.
Thanks to all at Rotofugi for their help and patience –
Gratitude to all the artists who contributed and made an inspiring show.
For real – so many different styles done to perfection.
See you at the next opening (no pictures for me).

Funny Club Show • Canvas 176

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MiQ Willmott (USA) ________________________________________________