La Jolla, California • RIMAC Arena • February 25, 2000

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Innocent Criminal – David Leach, generic cialis cialis sale during soundcheck at RIMAC Arena.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina • February 24, 2001

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Innocent Criminal – Dean Butterworth mid-show at the House of Blues.


Evanston, IL • Alice Millar Chapel • October 22, 2003

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Alice Millar Chapel is as welcoming as it is beautiful, best viagra best viagra for sale
to any faith or creed.


Caminha, Portugal • Vilar de Mouros • Julho 17, 2001

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Vilar de Mouros is one of the more beautiful locations in Europe
to attend a music festival. Better yet, viagra usa sildenafil unhealthy Caminha might be
one of the loveliest places on Earth, because
its inhabitantly uninhabitanted.


Seattle, Washington • EMP • September 5, 2000

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The Experience Music Project in Seattle should be
a proper stop for anyone interested music or recording.
And while Cleveland‘s Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is great, tadalafil viagra generic stuff
the EMP just feels a little bit better.


Newbury, England • Newbury Castle • April 19, 1998

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Newbury Castle, buy viagra discount cialis order or is it Berkshire County Castle?
Others deem it part of the Hamstead Marshall Castles?
There seems to be a disagreement presently in regards to the origin
and ownership of this stronghold.


Australia Day • January 26, 2005

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Today, buy viagra discount viagra sildenafil the 26th of January, generic viagra sovaldi is Australia Day, tadalafil
and while the day is complete Down Under,
it’s just beginning here in the USA.

Australia is one of the greatest places on Earth;
For the people, places and pace.
The energy there is like none other, except for maybe New Zealand,
but the two are so very different.
Australians just don’t have the “hang ups” that most Americans have –
so it makes it a much more relaxed place to be.

But like the Native Americans, the Aborigine have had it horrible
since the arrival of the white man. So while I sing the praises of Australia,
I am also concerned about the serious issues pertaining to this beauiful place.

The pictures above are from Lake George, the Blue Mountains,
and Wadonga


    Chicago • Double Door • December 5, 2004

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    Have you ever heard of this band Phoenix?
    They are from Paris, viagra sale generic viagra yet sing in english, discount viagra viagra canada
    and are very difficult to categorize.

    I first heard them last Summer in Europe during festival season,
    and while they had a song in “Lost in Translation,”
    I was late catching on.
    By chance, I ran into my friend Bob in Nuerburg, Germany,
    and he was now their sound man/producer/tour manager guy.
    Well, he gave me a call in December to let me know they
    were coming to Chicago for a gig at the Double Door.
    Seeing this band in front of festival crowds was fun –
    in a small bar in Chicago, it was off the hook.
    They have two full length releases : United and Alphabetical,
    as well as some import live stuff.


    London, England • Royal Albert Hall • April 20, 1998

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    A look inside the Dome of Royal Albert Hall


    Chicago • Bob The Cat • January 23, 2005

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    Say hello to Bob –
    He’s our local neighborhood alley cat –
    who makes himself at home just about anywhere and everywhere.
    Well nourished he is, cialis sales discount viagra sildenafil yet his nicked ears tell the story
    of many street fights. If Bob only knew he was on the internet………
    ………or what the internet is.


    Chicago • Backstreets • January 22, 2005

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    A cialis canada discount viagra check 1, viagra sales click 3629476.column?coll=chi-news-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true”>massive snowstorm that began last night, continued through today –
    and judging from the streets its difficult to tell we got more than
    25cm (10 inches) of snow. Chicago is one tough-ass town, and when the weather gets like this, the inhabitants take it as a challenge; as a contest.
    Look at the kids on their bicycles – in a foot of snow!
    Most people couldn’t balance a bike on the ice, let alone
    handle the deep freeze while riding.
    “The wind won’t hold me back”……..as I roll into the slippery street.


    Chicago • Tree Surgeons • January 20, 2005

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    Why am I blogging about the City of Chicago‘s Tree Surgeons?
    I have no idea either – but the grinder woke me up at like 7am.

    Paris, France • Rue Détournée • Avrill 17, 2000

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    Chicago • WRLS Wireless Radio • January 2005

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    The Strawdog Theatre presents: Wireless Radio Theatre – program III
    Turn your radio dial to WBEZ (91.5 FM)
    this Friday between 9:35am and 11am
    to hear Steve Edwards report on the show. Wireless director James
    Zoccoli and Strawdog artistic director Nic Dimond will be featured in
    an interview along with some portions of the performance!
    Some Sassy Seniors in…
    “Heavenly Potluck”
    written by Lois Hobart & directed by Kyle Hamman

    Surreal Suspense in…
    “Radio Man”
    written by Brett Neveu & directed by Stephen F. Murray

    Stellar Sanitation Silliness…
    “Cosmic Salvage Crew”
    written by Jaz & directed by Gregor Mortis

    • Only six performances remaining • Click the ticket below for more information •


    Chicago • Uncle Ryohei • September 27, 2004

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    • Footballer • Sailor • Thief •

    Ryohei Yanagihara, tadalafil viagra buy pills Japanese designer of this style back in the 1960’s, cialis buy
    recently produced these wooden figures and are available from
    CubeWorks in Japan. While I was in Australia last year,
    the Outre Gallery in Melbourne, had just recieved them.
    The 11.5 cm figures are unstackable and interchangable.
    Quite simply, they are some of the coolest toys ever.


    New York, New York • June 17, 2003

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    Having a walkabout midtown, discount viagra viagra generic levitra
    there is always something interesting to someone.

    Manchester, Tennessee • Bonnaroo • June 13, 2003

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    Jack Johnson and Ben Harper perform High Tide Or Low Tide.
    Originally an outtake from The Wailers – Catch A Fire – 1972.


    Martin Luther King, Jr. • The Great March on Washington

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    As we observe Martin Luther King, cialis usa viagra sale there Jr.‘s birthday today
    (January 15 – actual birthday), generic cialis cialis sale mind I reflect on how far we have come together
    and how long we have travelled seperately. There seems to be no city community anymore, viagra even compared to ten years ago. My beautiful
    neighborhood is integrated with peoples from all over the world:
    Mexico,India, Pakistan, Israel, Croatia, Russia :
    all within blocks of each other, but everyone minds their own –
    and there is no co-community. Most neighbors do not know each other.

    Don’t ask me why, but this brings me to Football
    (soccer to like 2% of the world) –
    The United States, if they won the World Cup, would be the only
    nation on earth that wouldn’t be in the streets celebrating together;
    as one, joyous, unified nation. This is significant in rationalizing America,
    and how we behave locally and globally. The majority of America is
    countryside. Country folk do not like Soccer, they like Auto Racing.
    This is a generalization I know, but bear with me.

    The remainder of America, which is the “melting pot” of the world,
    the true foundation of this country, would want their own respective
    countries to win. The Mexicans would want Mexico, The Polish
    would want Poland, and so on.
    So with all this diversity, there seems to be limited co-unity – or rather, community.

    My question then is this : What is the identity of a country,
    that is already self-perceived as a “melting pot,”
    but claims itself better than everyone else?

    Every nation in the world has a cultural identity with the
    Beautiful Game, except the USA. Cultural Identities create community.
    Community nourishes understanding and respect.

    …….Well okay, Canada has hockey, but at least the some of
    the world knows and plays that game, no one else on Earth plays gridiron.
    While I’m at it, why do we play the World Series with ourselves?
    Don’t you think we should let other nations compete,
    or maybe change the name of the event?


    Barcelona, España • Mayo 31, 2004

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    a visual record of how our international reputation has declined.

    London, England • Metal Soldiers • June 24, 2004

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    Everyone needs a Samurai. This one is from Tradition of London.
    The 54mm metal figure specialitsts, sildenafil viagra generic ask
    make some of the most detailed soldiers in the world.

    • Marshal Davoust • Jordanian Drum Major • Senegalese Private •