Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland • July 9, 2006

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30 Goals In 30 Days
[#15] Olympiastadion • Berlin

This was the World Cup Final in 2006, discount cialis sildenafil sovaldi sale
and I was watching this match on a television in the
drivers area on a tour bus. Ben Harper had just finished
[was finishing] his set, cialis best cialis and I snuck away to watch the end
of the match – just in time to catch the Zidane incident.
We were in Ireland at the Oxegen Festival.
The only thing I could do was take pictures of the television.

World Cup Final 2006

Italy v. France
1 – 1
(after extra time)

5 – 3


  1. Gutted I am.

    Comment by christopher — 7/14/2006 @ 19:32 Fri

  2. I’m not a big fan of settling the World Cup with a shoot-out!

    Comment by Mark Buban — 7/15/2006 @ 0:11 Sat

  3. I was shocked to see footage of Israel’s bombing of the Beirut airport and the ensuing trouble in that region of the world. At first, I couldn’t understand what could have incited this recent conflict…but then, with the help of Fred Sanford’s influence it came to me like this: “You big dummy! Zidane’s headbutt started this!”

    Comment by Mark Buban — 7/15/2006 @ 6:23 Sat

  4. going to pks was the last in a series of disappointments in the final. as soon as henry went down in the first few minutes something felt way off about the game. by the time zidane lost his composure it wasn’t clear that france’s one goal was justified, nor that italy’s first goal shouldn’t have counted. overall an extremely frustrating match, one that was totally eclipsed by an otherwise kickass tournament.

    Comment by k-stein — 7/16/2006 @ 18:04 Sun

  5. Four years are around and we have the winner. Watched them on a big screen tv.

    Comment by polaroid tv — 9/27/2010 @ 15:54 Mon

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