Who’s Your Futbol Team?

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This question was recently asked to me by my friend VandLSavage.

Both Living in America, best cialis buy viagra cure his spelling of Futbol was a declaration to his
love and understanding of the Beautiful Game – and his interest in mine.

Well, I have great difficulty answering this question.  My reality is this :
I have attended more Chicago Fire matches than any other professional
futbol team, yet the Fire would not be my first answer.  There is something
about witnessing the world and the way they play the game.  At different
times in my life I fell in Love with Zinedine Zidane and Didier Drogba.
So that was impetus to support Bordeaux, Juventus, Real Madrid, Marseille,
Chelsea, Galatasaray, the French National Team, and the Ivorian National
Team.  This is just naming two of the Earth’s most renown players, and
some of the teams they have represented.  These players and teams don’t
bring us back far enough in the History of the Beautiful Game.
The likes of : Johan Cruyff, Ferenc Puskás, Eusebio, and Garrincha
make us fans of the Dutch, Hungary, Portugal, Brazil – but we are still
just scratching the surface.  I could list more players and more teams,
but that would just confuse the matter more.
My point is that I simply love the Beautiful Game.
I adore the Gracefulness and Simplicity of the Complicated Encounter.
I love it when the Minnows defeat the Whales.

Like many others, I feel the game is the ultimate
metaphor of the Human Existence.

Sometimes one can a very productive day, yet still not be successful.
Occasionally, accomplishing a personal goal in life can feel like
climbing a very tall mountain, maybe even impossible.
It takes a village of people to accomplish everything in life :
One’s Family, Friends, Business Associates, Educators, Shopkeepers,
Doctors, Lawyer, Mentors are the modern day village, and in theory –
one’s teammates.  Without this “team” – daily life would break down.
I believe these roles apply to the Team of Futbol players, and that
all have to work together to accomplish something greater than
oneself, the sum of the parts forming Legends and Myths.
I am fascinated how the Beautiful Game affects and effects
Human Diaspora, Cultures, and Politics.

I will continue to make my point over the next forty-five years.

I am totally ranting now, I apologize.
I support Chelsea and every Official World Cup Film.
The reason I really dig Chelsea, is that in the late 1990’s they
became an All-World Team in the English Premier League.
It was incredible to watch.

With that said, I could be witnessed cheering for Burnley as
they knock Chelsea out of the FA Cup with a glorious goal.

So, VandLSavage, who is your futbol team ?

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  1. My team(s)is/are Liverpool, Arsenal in the EPL
    In La Liga it is Barcelona none to write home about in the French League…in the World Cup it will always be Brazil against the field. As the saying goes the ball is round…

    Comment by dean Lothian — 6/21/2013 @ 9:21 Fri

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