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Last week my good friend Seth Herman – Rootfire Kung-Fu Master – asked me if I would like to contribute a weekly Futbol and Music column for the Rootfire Summer Camp Blog.  Heck Yes, cialis sale sildenafil sick I Said!  I am thrilled in being asked to contribute to the Rootfire Fellowship, cialis canada sildenafil and am very excited to write about my two favorite things on Earth : Music and Futbol.

#TheBeautifulGame : To jump right in, this week’s recommended games are focused on the FIFA Confederations Cup, taking place in Brazil until June 30.  This is a tune-up for the World Cup 2014 featuring seven federation representatives : Japan, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Nigeria, Tahiti, Uruguay, and tournament hosts’ Brazil.  This afternoon: Monday, June 17 – features an incredible clash between Nigeria and Tahiti.  The Super Eagles have seventeen players on their roster who play in the European Leagues, while Tahiti is comprised of Amateurs, Skilled Laborers and a Milk Man.  Tahiti’s starting eleven is likely to contain four members of the Tehau Family : Twin Brothers Alvin and Lorenzo, with older brother Jonathan and cousin Teaonui.   I love this type of story and match, and can’t help but support the minnows in almost every circumstance.
Team Fenua isn’t expected to win any matches, but I believe they can score a goal, and that would be a beautiful thing for their country and team.  Next up : please mark your calendar for Saturday, June 20 to witness a vital Heavyweight Clash between Italy and Brazil.  These two National Sides last met in March of this year at a Friendly in Geneva; and the result was not resolved, a 2 – 2 draw.  These teams have engaged in Classic World Cup Battles : 1994 (Final), 1982 (Second Round), 1978 (Third Place), 1970 (Final), and 1938 (Semi-Final).
Azzurri v. Seleção.  Do not miss this match.  #TheBeautifulGame.

UPDATE : Shortly, we will discuss the current protests in Brazil :
What began as a Bus Fare Increase, metamorphsized itself into
the very large protest of inequity by the Brazilian people .
This is just beginning .


#TheBeautifulMusic : The Roots Music Artist of Inspiration this week is Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and composer Arthur Verocai and his incredible 1972 self-titled album.   This record is a beautiful amalgamation of Bossa, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Psych, and Easy Listening.   This music was experimental at the time, and lyrically subversive – using figurative language that was overlooked by the Brazilian Censorship Bureau.   This is essentially his only record album from this period, as the other albums in his discography were released in the 2000’s.  This album is very cinematic in nature, and could easily soundtrack several films from this era and beyond.   The LP was a forgotten recording in America until a few Hip-Hop producers began nicking samples.   Ludarcris and MF Doom have both pulled from this Brazilian Genius.

Verocai’s opus is the perfect accompaniment for any event or gathering.
Hanging, Cooking, Kicking, Gaming, Chilling, Viewing Foobtall.
Absorb the Arthur Verocai.

Please Enjoy the Music and Matches, see you next week.

by DJ Evil Vince @evilvincephoto

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