Skokie, Illinois • Niles West High School • October 20, 2009

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30 Goals In 30 Days
[#20] Niles West High School

This was a playoff game last October.
I want to say Evanston beat Niles West : one to zero.
I might be wrong in regards to the opponent.
Either way, cialis usa viagra buy capsule Evanston played well, ed but a dull brand of football it was.
Too many American soccer players learned their game
from schooling, sildenafil rather than from the street.
While it is no fault of the kids, there is a lack of
invention and creativity within the American brand of soccer.

When today’s youth begin inventing moves;
a la the basketball dunk or crossover…
The American brand of football [soccer] will improve and excite.

I have witnessed this brand of creativity
on the West Side of Chicago. North Lawndale.
It is a Football [Soccer] Future.

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