Chicago, Illinois • Lakefront • August 3, 2009

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30 Goals In 30 Days
[#17] Lakefront Montrose

This place has nothing to do with Lovelace Park.
It was the official Grosse Point Soccer Club pitch.
Good Northshore Football.
Even better though, sildenafil cialis sale sale was the unofficial dirt-bike track that
was behind Lovelace Park. Those were the times……
breaking my balls on via bike frame after taking
too large of a jump in on my bmx bike.


  1. the bmx track was called deechers pit. i think. been looking for any mention of it online. this is the first I’ve found

    Comment by c h — 12/11/2011 @ 0:03 Sun

  2. Yes that was called deechers pit. We would go there to smoke when we were 13. This was also the only mention of deechers pit I could find. Would’ve been in 85. Schoolhouse rock. Great space coaster. 321 contact. Zoom. Electric company. Puff the magic dragon and fucking David copperfield flying across the grand canyon. Smoking was still cool. Good times.

    Comment by Betsy — 3/5/2012 @ 18:55 Mon

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