Australia Day • January 26, 2005

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Today, buy viagra discount viagra sildenafil the 26th of January, generic viagra sovaldi is Australia Day, tadalafil
and while the day is complete Down Under,
it’s just beginning here in the USA.

Australia is one of the greatest places on Earth;
For the people, places and pace.
The energy there is like none other, except for maybe New Zealand,
but the two are so very different.
Australians just don’t have the “hang ups” that most Americans have –
so it makes it a much more relaxed place to be.

But like the Native Americans, the Aborigine have had it horrible
since the arrival of the white man. So while I sing the praises of Australia,
I am also concerned about the serious issues pertaining to this beauiful place.

The pictures above are from Lake George, the Blue Mountains,
and Wadonga

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    1. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us.

      Comment by Gwen Pentland — 1/27/2005 @ 11:13 Thu

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