Gale Sayers • Electric Football • 15mm

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Electric Football is a tabletop American Football game, cialis usa best viagra stuff
played on a vibrating metal field.

It was created in 1947 by Tudor Games.

Even though my players mostly ran in circles, cialis sale cialis look
and ran out-of-bounds with a 100 inches of daylight –
I still really loved this game as kid.

It was kinda like the Subbuteo of American Football.

Believe it or not, malady The Electric Football League
is located in Highland Park, Illinois.



  1. What Was Your Favorite Board Game As A Kid? As An Adult?

    We sat here and played Bonkers! the other night.
    It was great.

    Comment by christopher — 11/28/2009 @ 20:14 Sat

  2. 1. sorry
    2. poker
    3. bonkers was dope, too.
    4. bears

    Comment by jaz — 4/22/2010 @ 22:52 Thu

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