Martin Luther King, Jr. • The Great March on Washington

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As we observe Martin Luther King, cialis usa viagra sale there Jr.‘s birthday today
(January 15 – actual birthday), generic cialis cialis sale mind I reflect on how far we have come together
and how long we have travelled seperately. There seems to be no city community anymore, viagra even compared to ten years ago. My beautiful
neighborhood is integrated with peoples from all over the world:
Mexico,India, Pakistan, Israel, Croatia, Russia :
all within blocks of each other, but everyone minds their own –
and there is no co-community. Most neighbors do not know each other.

Don’t ask me why, but this brings me to Football
(soccer to like 2% of the world) –
The United States, if they won the World Cup, would be the only
nation on earth that wouldn’t be in the streets celebrating together;
as one, joyous, unified nation. This is significant in rationalizing America,
and how we behave locally and globally. The majority of America is
countryside. Country folk do not like Soccer, they like Auto Racing.
This is a generalization I know, but bear with me.

The remainder of America, which is the “melting pot” of the world,
the true foundation of this country, would want their own respective
countries to win. The Mexicans would want Mexico, The Polish
would want Poland, and so on.
So with all this diversity, there seems to be limited co-unity – or rather, community.

My question then is this : What is the identity of a country,
that is already self-perceived as a “melting pot,”
but claims itself better than everyone else?

Every nation in the world has a cultural identity with the
Beautiful Game, except the USA. Cultural Identities create community.
Community nourishes understanding and respect.

…….Well okay, Canada has hockey, but at least the some of
the world knows and plays that game, no one else on Earth plays gridiron.
While I’m at it, why do we play the World Series with ourselves?
Don’t you think we should let other nations compete,
or maybe change the name of the event?


  1. Word. Word, my brotha.
    It is truly a sticky and gooey pot. Let me say this: We United States are merely playing out our plot, as is every country. Here, the trick is to celebrate the many cultural differences COUPLED with class issues AND religion. It seems that most other countries don’t have to tackle the problem of unity among representatives from all of the countries of the world. A complicated task. Perhaps we should kick the footy ’round more, eh?

    Comment by Darby — 1/18/2005 @ 10:24 Tue

  2. martin: they reminisce over you…vince: good observation…dstrong: lace up your boots!

    Comment by jimmyZ — 1/18/2005 @ 14:44 Tue

  3. I am not ready to comment on the cultural significance of “football”. However, I would like you to know that this is my first visit to the wonderful world of BLOG. I must admit that I don’t know the exact way to take it in. I see it as a stream of thought burned onto the web. I love the chance to see the shots that you have been able to take all over. It’s really sharp looking. It scares me. I am a cyberspace relic.

    Comment by Porter — 2/1/2005 @ 19:51 Tue

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