In Memory of Bob The Cat • 1990 – 2009

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In early July, viagra buy viagra usa treat without notice, help
Bob The Cat was attacked by raccoons.
He survived, viagra but the four raccoons
shattered his front left leg during the battle.

The vet recommended that we put Bob down.

We did not.
Bob was in a splint for almost three weeks.
We gave him three types of meds – twice a day.
The leg did not heal. It became infected.

Bob left this earth on July 17, 2009.
He was the greatest cat on this planet.




  1. Bob was our first cat. I used to be afraid of cats, yet because of him I went on to become a cat lady. He changed my outlook on cats and I have developed a love for all cats. He was truly one of a kind cat. He gave not just to me, but to all who knew him so much. His presence will never be forgotten. He will be sorely missed as all whom we love depart from us are missed. Thank you for photographing him in his true splendor. And thank you for honoring his memory with this tribute.

    Comment by Louise — 8/5/2009 @ 21:40 Wed

  2. Chris and all who loved Bob, I’m sorry for your loss. I knew Bob as a visitor and as a cat person I recognized what a great personality he had right away. He was someone who I just loved having around whenever I was around. He really was an awesome cat. Thanks for the photos, they are great to see.

    Comment by Luke — 8/6/2009 @ 10:31 Thu

  3. Bob was the sweetest cat I ever meet on all of my visits to Chi Town. I will miss you Bob! Love Monica.

    Comment by monica — 8/6/2009 @ 13:12 Thu

  4. Louise and Chris:
    I am so sorry that your beloved Bob is gone. I myself did not know Bob well, but he was always friendly to me whenever I stopped by. I know that you both loved him well, gave him a great double home, and helped him enjoy a very good life.

    Comment by Chris Wilson — 8/6/2009 @ 21:15 Thu

  5. I always said that if you took Bob and threw him in the middle of Africa somewhere that he’d most likely join a pride of lions.. Probably run the pride too. We all miss him very much and he seemed to know how much he meant to all of us. He knew he was one bad ass cat.

    Comment by Mate — 8/7/2009 @ 12:17 Fri

  6. Bob was the best! No cat knew how to insert claws into my thigh as well as he did! We all miss you…who’s up for huntin’ coon?

    Comment by Buban — 8/14/2009 @ 2:18 Fri

  7. oh mate, i’m really sorry to hear that 🙁

    Comment by jess — 8/14/2009 @ 4:31 Fri

  8. bob the cat. what a great cat.

    he loved to be petted, patted, stroked & drummed – on his own terms, of course. i have the scars to prove it. he was tough, but gentle. & he had the scars to prove that. he played rough sometimes, but together we made music on that back porch. the beat goes on…

    the big, fat, bad boy, bob the cat.

    so cool.

    stay up, bob.

    Comment by jaz — 8/17/2009 @ 10:27 Mon

  9. 4 1/2 years later i still find my self here… missing Bob

    Comment by Mate — 2/20/2014 @ 20:17 Thu

  10. I am with you Maté. I miss the Bob The Cat – BIG TIME. Love You Brother.

    Comment by christopher — 3/6/2014 @ 17:41 Thu

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