Sly & The Family Stone • Underdog • 1969

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Sly & The Family Stone • Underdog

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I know how it feels to expect to get a fair shake
But they won’t let you forget
That you’re the underdog and you’ve got to be twice as good
(Yeah, viagra sale viagra yeah)

Even if you’re never right
They get uptight when you get too bright
Cause you might start thinking too much
(Yeah yeah)

I know how it feels when you know you’re real
But every other time
You get up and get a raw deal
(Yeah yeah)

I know how it feels to get demoted
When it comes time you got promoted
But you might be movin’ up too fast
(Yeah, yeah)

If you ever loved somebody of a different set
I bet the set didn’t let you forget
That it just don’t go like that
(Yeah, yeah)

I know how it feels
For people to stop, turn around and stare
So go right, don’t rate me
I don’t mind

I know how it feels to be played upon
See you at the party
But you’re really, you’re really all alone
They just underestimate me
(Yeah yeah)

I know how it feels when you’re feelin’ down
And you wanna come up but you realise
You’re in the wrong part of town
(Yeah, yeah)

I know how it feels to have to go along
With people you don’t even know
Simply because there happens to be a whole lot more of them
(Yeah, yeah)

Say, I’m the underdog
I’m the underdog
I don’t mind, ’cause I can handle it
Underdog, it’s gonna be alright
I’m the underdog

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  1. Check out stories behind this and other of the band’s albums in my book, I Want to Take You Higher: The Life and Times of Sly & the Family Stone (Backbeat Books, 2008), Foreword by Sly, Preface by George Clinton, available at local bookstores, chains, and online.

    Comment by Jeff Kaliss — 11/7/2008 @ 23:54 Fri

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