DJ Evil Vince • Morseland • September 29, 2007

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September 29, sildenafil cialis sales ampoule seek 2007
10:30 pm to 2:30 am

DJ Evil Vince

1218 W. Morse Ave.
Rogers Park • Chicago

no cover


  1. Its been several months since I’ve spun records in public,
    and almost two years since I’ve DJayed at the Morseland.

    To mark the occasion, I will dig out some real gems for this gig.

    Some Aotearoa Roots Music, Roots Reggae, and old Soul Vocals
    will be a great vibe.

    How about five Fela Kuti songs in row?

    I might even bring some old Hip Hop……..
    Maybe even a Rock set.

    I am looking forward to it.

    Comment by christopher — 9/18/2007 @ 14:59 Tue

  2. I was just about to request a few kiwi tunes, wish i could catch your show!!

    Comment by jess — 9/20/2007 @ 4:21 Thu

  3. Maybe starting with some big band soul,
    and some soul instrumentals to warm up the aura.

    See You Later….

    Comment by christopher — 9/29/2007 @ 15:31 Sat

  4. Was anybody’s aura purple?

    Comment by msdarby — 9/30/2007 @ 17:57 Sun

  5. No one was seeming purple to me…..
    a few reds and oranges were leaving trails
    with their movement, other than that,
    everything was normal.

    Comment by christopher — 10/1/2007 @ 18:31 Mon

  6. Thank You
    to everyone who came out.
    It made my night to see the people who listened and danced.

    bright moments.

    Comment by christopher — 10/2/2007 @ 11:39 Tue

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