Subbuteo • Angola v. Zimbabwe • Little Plastic Men

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30 Goals In 30 Days
[#16] Bio-Dome Subbuteo Pitch

If one has played Subbuteo, discount viagra viagra sales health then one has played the greatest table
game devoted to the beautiful sport of football.
Subbuteo is played just like real football, best viagra but it is eleven on eleven –
flickable, one-inch, little plastic men. The men have rounded bases
that allow the figure to slide across the pitch when flicked correctly.
A highly skilled Subbuteo player can flick his player around other
figures and curve the ball. The action takes place on a large surface
which could cover an entire dining room table.
To me, the game is a mixture of chess and billiards,
but is distinctly football. Subbuteo is also a very good tool to
illustrate the rules of the game and display tactics.

After three years in hibernation,
we are rolling out the Subbuteo pitch next week.

Angola eyes the free kick against Zimbabwe.

International Football can change the Earth.

amazing paintwork by Michael Peacock
from his line of Little Plastic Men.


  1. nICE BLOG

    Comment by gARY bYRNE — 7/3/2008 @ 8:59 Thu

  2. This looks like so much fun and I’d love to play it right now..

    Comment by Shaun Hinklein — 5/26/2010 @ 12:09 Wed

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