Winter In Chicago • 2012

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Chicago, Illinois • September 23, 2014

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DJShadow_CutChemist_HOBChicago_2014 copy

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist
House Of Blues • Chicago

Renegades of Funk Tour
Spinning Afrika Bambaataa’s Record Collection


Evanston, Illinois • In The Groove Music • 2002

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Bobby Wilcher : Owner
In The Groove Music


Chicago, Illinois • The Bio-Dome • 2011

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James Anthony Zoccoli


DJ Evil Vince • Road Cases • 1996-2008

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Eleven Years on the road with
Ben HarperJack Johnson, and Bedouin Soundclash.


Bridgeview, Illinois • Toyota Park • August 10, 2014

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Toyota Park
Bridgeview, Illinois
August 10, 2014


Evanston, Illinois • Perkins Woods • August 2014

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Wilmette, Illinois • Baha’i Temple • 2011

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Chicago, Illinois • The Bio Dome • April 2006

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Joseph Cytrynbaum
My Brother.

“What’s lost is nothing to what’s found,
and all the death that ever was, set next to life,
would scarcely fill a cup.”
-Frederick Buechner


Northerly Island • Chicago, Illinois • May 31, 2014

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AdamTopol_Soundcheck_2014_DSC_4151_Small JackJohnson_Band_Soundcheck_Chicago_2014_DSC_4128_Small
Merlo_ScottNicholson_Chicago_2014_DSC_4270_Small JackJohnson_Crowd_Chicago_2014_DSC_4289_Small JackJohnson_Show_2014_Chicago_DSC08292_Small MichaelPollock_JackJohnson_2014_Chicago_DSC_4294_Small

Jack Johnson • Adam Topol • Merlo Podlewski
Zach Gill • Brian Clairemont • Michael Pollock
Scott Nicholson • Boogie


Chicago, Illinois • April 20, 2014

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Evan Coulombe, Timmy The Teeth, Isaac Russell, and Joshua James

Easter Sunday 2014


Desert Noises • Schubas Tavern • April 4, 2014

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Desert Noises
Tyler Osmond, Kyle Henderson, Brennan Allen, and Pat Boyers
Schuba’s Tavern | Chicago, Illinois | April 4, 2014

   Friday’s Desert Noises show at Schuba’s Tavern could potentially be the final time this gifted band plays a venue this small in Chicago.  Desert Noises are currently touring North America supporting their new album “27 Ways.”  On this evening, they were the opening act for headliners The Wheeler Brothers, and were allotted a solid 45 minute set.   Kyle, Tyler, Brennan, and Pat wasted no time, and launched into a wonderful performance of mostly newer material, with little dashes of “Mountain Sea.”  It was a caustic set, that ended far too early for my fanatical self, but what I witnessed was something beautiful to behold.  These four players undoubtedly know each other’s tendencies, and it gives them a glorious fluidity together.  Mind, Body, Spirit.  Each member is fulfilling the perfect role within the band itself.  Brennan Allen, the drummer, holds down the groove with both stone simple and then poly-rhythmic tempos.   Tyler Osmond, bassman and back-up vocalist, is the other side of the battery, and him and Brennan have a lovely work ethic.   Pat Boyers guitar playing is equal to that of Mike McCready’s, and extremely flammable when stoked.  Boyers, just like the rest of the band – never over plays, only showcasing his extraordinary talent at the most appropriate times.  With this brilliant execution, the musical spirituality of this band only resonates further.  Kyle Henderson, exemplary lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player is the final puzzle piece of this quartet that illustrates perfectly how Rock n Roll and Vocal Harmonies should meet together.  Henderson’s vocals never waiver, even at the most precarious of moments.   The aural connection that Osmond and Henderson have together closely resembles the harmonies of an Everly Brothers tradition.  Desert Noises from Provo, Utah should not be overlooked or slept on.  This is an outstanding band that is beginning to blossom, yet will continue to develop musically.  Don’t Sleep.   Desert Noises will be playing at Lollapalooza this Summer 2014.

Check their new album here.   Order the vinyl.

Words and Photography by Evil Vince