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Chicago, Illinois • Lincoln Hall • February 7, 2015

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TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5403 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5410 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5421 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5425 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5430 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5436 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5443 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5445 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5477 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5473 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5468 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5462 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5458 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5457 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5482 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5488 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5489 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5501 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5507 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5514 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5555 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5535 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5532 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5529 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5518 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5516 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5567 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5573 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5587 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5599 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5615 TheGreen_LincolnHall_Chicago_2015_DSC_5622

The Green
Lincoln Hall
Chicago, Illinois
February 7, 2015



Chicago Theatre • October 6, 2013

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Merlo Podlewski, Adam Topol, Jack Johnson, and Zach Gill
Chicago Theatre • October 6, 2013

Batman Investigates • 2015

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Batman is making inquiries into the origin of all this garbage.


Aquaman Investigates • 2015

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Our Earth is warming at an alarming rate.
Aquaman has been investigating the many reasons.


The Bio-Dome • New Year’s Eve • December 31, 2014

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DJ Evil Vince _ New Years Eve 2014:2015

DJ Evil Vince
The Bio-Dome • New Year’s Eve
Chicago, Illinois
December 31, 2014

photograph by James Zoccoli


Winter In Chicago • 2012

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Chicago, Illinois • September 23, 2014

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DJShadow_CutChemist_HOBChicago_2014 copy

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist
House Of Blues • Chicago

Renegades of Funk Tour
Spinning Afrika Bambaataa’s Record Collection


Evanston, Illinois • In The Groove Music • 2002

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Bobby Wilcher : Owner
In The Groove Music


Chicago, Illinois • The Bio-Dome • 2011

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James Anthony Zoccoli


DJ Evil Vince • Road Cases • 1996-2008

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Eleven Years on the road with
Ben HarperJack Johnson, and Bedouin Soundclash.


Bridgeview, Illinois • Toyota Park • August 10, 2014

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Chicago Fire vs. New York Red Bulls

Toyota Park
Bridgeview, Illinois
August 10, 2014